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GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.2.0 Crack With Registration Code Free Download

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.2.0 Crack With Registration Code Free Download

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.2.0 Crack is a useful software that is little the security conscious. It lets you lock and conceal your documents, images, videos as well as other file types with password protection, using windows kernel level security.The app is a solution that is great you are worried about the security amount of your personal data. GiliSoft File Lock even protects your information in safe mode. The software supports 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a good piece of computer software for individuals looking to protect important or information that is sensitive prying eyes. It will not require a system that is numerous therefore the environment is feature-rich and user-friendly. There is also another variation you can make the most of, GiliSoft File Lock.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.2.0

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11 Registration Code is a software tool which helps individuals hide data and protect their files, directories, and partitions from reading or writing. Files, files, and drives are hidden off their users, by simply selecting the item and clicking the “Hide Files” button. Batch processing is incorporated, as well as the drop and“drag” function. These extremely feature that is helping one to manage your files faster as they enable. The process can be compared when wanting to deny reading or writing for certain documents.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11 Free Download is really a Grade that is military Encryption for your files. Lock folders on the internal drive that is a difficult flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive. Encrypt files, folders; Hide files folders and drives; Makefiles folders and drives read-only; Password protect files folders and drives. Gilisoft File Lock Pro is available in Chinese, Czech, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.2.0

Key Features GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.2.0:

Simple to use: Along with it, you can use one password to guard File Folder & Drive. You are able to lock a file or folder with windows menu that is explorer context simply dragging and dropping it into the program’s screen that is primary. When forgetting password, you shall find the lost password with your pre-defined email.

Locking Files/Folders/Drives: Password protect any type files/folders on regional disk or external (USB) disk, password protects a folder so all files being brand new become password safeguarded also. Lock folder on USB with a master password and customer password.

Hiding Files/Folders/Drives: Hide your files/folders that are a personal disk that is regional external (USB) disk, completely invisible to anybody or any programs even under Windows Safe Mode. Make your data being personal. All files which are hidden never shown in search engine results.

Securing LAN Shared Folder: Windows don’t have a built-in function which lets you secure access to a folder via a password. With the GiliSoft File Lock professional, you will set passwords for your folder shared on all network that limits access in of their mind.

Advanced Settings: Exclude List – you can find system files or system you can’t lock, you might use this list that is a filter that is excluded. You may use system Log to see all history that is part of.

File Encryption/Portable Encryption: Encrypt files and files into GFL format or EXE file that is format AES encryption algorithm. You could start EXE encrypted files or files on another computer.

Self-protection Mode: No human body can uninstall this software without a password and in addition, can hide this scheduled system in Invisible Mode. Whenever someone gets in the password that is wrong than 5 times, it will deliver safety notifications to your pre-defined e-mail plus the login that is unknown undoubtedly be temporarily forbidden.

Folder/Disk Monitoring: Track a disk or a folder as well as its sub-folders when changing and writing or any operations or changes made by an individual.

Protecting Files/Folders/Drives After protecting the files/folders on neighborhood disk, individuals can read the files that are write-protected but nobody can change, delete (also shift delete), or rename it without a password.

File Shredder/Disk Wiper: File Shredder happens to be developed as fast, safe and tool that is dependable shred business files. It has also integrated Disk Wiper which uses shredding algorithm to wipe disk space that is unused.

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